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Anna K. Long-Slade's Occupational Therapy Portfolio

My OT Roles, Skills and Professional Development Units

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OT Portfolio
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Frames of Reference that guide Anna's practice

My definition of Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is skilled client centered treatment that helps individuals achieve independence in all facets of their lives. It gives people the "skills for the job of living" necessary for independent and satisfying lives


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Skill competencies





Assessment skills


1) ROM

2) Group and Specific muscle strength testing

3) Muscle tone testing

4) Standardized assessments

5) Occupational profile interview/screening

6) Task analysis

       Familiarity with:

- Beck Depression Inventory  

- Sickness Impact Profile

- OPHI-II         

- COTE         

- SF-36         

- FIM         


- KELS         

- COPM         

- Bayley Scales of infant


- Peabody Developmental

Motor Scales

- ABS         

- WES           

- Hand function sort



- Short Blessed


- Zarit Burden Scale


Intervention skills

Cognitive interventions

1)Attention Process Training


3)Meta-cognitive training


Psychosocial interventions

1)Group treatment

2)Meta-cognitive training


Physiological interventions

1)Retrograde massage

2)Tendon gliding exercises

3)Friction massage

4)Strength training

5)Endurance training


Motor interventions

1)Strength/endurance training

2)Spasticity management


ADL/IADL interventions

1)Remediation techniques

2)Compensation techniques including familiarity with a variety of adapted equipment

3)Task modification

4)Energy conservation techniques

5)Joint protection techniques

6)Cardiovascular training


Computer skills

1)  word processing

2)  spread sheet

3)  internet

3) Microsoft Publisher for developing programs/yearbooks



Management skills

1) Owned private Mary Kay business

2) Started and ran a private ballet studio with 35 dancers in West Africa (Benin) between October 2004- July 2005.


Research skills

1) Ran a research study of metabolic differences between males anf females at altitude: May 2003, Alma College, MI. 

2) Conducted research under the supervision of Dr. Baum for the Parkinson’s pilot study.  Topic was coping with Parkinson’s.

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Teaching role


1) Spanish TA in Alma College, MI.

2) Dance teacher in Alma College, MI.

3) Computer/dance/Pilates teacher Benin, West Africa

4) Community Life Skills class facilitator in psychiatric hospital

5)Interactive Public Relations co-facilitator in psychiatric hospital


Group role

1) Problem Based learning experience during Fall semester 2005

   - included role as facilitator, time keeper, scribe



1) Home Modifications Presentation.  Environment Class. Spring 2004.

2) Enabling the Disabling Environment.  Impaired Sensation.  March 22, 2004.  Student presentation.

3) Parkinson's Disease/DBS and Coping. Literature review for Master's proposal.  Summer 2004. 

4) Couples Coping with Parkinson's Disease.  Master's Presentation.  April 6, 2006.  Presentation available upon request.


Continuing education

2/20/2006: noon-1pm at the Washington University Program in Occupational Therapy auditorium

 Brain Imaging and Behavior in Pediatrics. 

Speaker: Robert Almli, PhD


3/3/2006:  noon- 130pm in room PL29 at Children's Hospital of Saint Louis

Qualitative research Seminar

Sue Marten


3/27/06- Washington University OT Doctoral presentations attended all (topics included Pediatrics, Work Hardening, Productive Aging, and Environmental Modifications)


4/6/06- Washington University OT Masters presentations- attended Social Participation and the Environment and Productive Aging presentations


4/17/2006: noon-1pm at the Washington University Program in Occupational Therapy auditorium

Ethnic Disparities in Stroke Recovery. 

Speaker:  Dorothy F. Edwards, PhD




Organizational Membership and offices held

1) member of WUSOTA

2) member of MOTA

3) member of AOTA




1) Physical Therapy Aid

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PDU's for 2003-2004



Total PDU units for Fall 2003 and Spring 2004:  20

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Fall 2005 PDU's

TOTAL PDU's for Fall 2005 = 14


Spring 2006 PDU's

Total PDU's for Spring 2006 = 14

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